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CMF Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd is the cleanroom wipers industry's growth leader. Established in 2004, CMF Technology has an extensive product range, and has a capacity of producing over 10 million piece wipers a month. Our products are used internationally in the electronics, semiconductor, medical field, pharmaceutical, food processing and biotech industries.

CMF's factory is housed with its own class 100 cleanroom manufacturing facilities, with the latest EDI technology DI water system.

CMF Technology's goal is the creation of shareholder and customer value. The focus of the Company's business strategy is on working with its customers to produce cleanroom wipers that meet or exceed the expectations of customers in an efficient and effective manner.

CMF Technology's principal financial objective is to maximize long-term cash flows by investing in markets and product segments that offer superior growth prospects and where the Company can leverage its substantial resources and competencies.

CMF Technology has global marketing network extends from Malaysia to China , employs over 200 people in worldwide, with the majority of the workforce engaged in production activities in Shenzhen, China. Design engineering centers are located in China and Malaysia.

Come grow with us, we'll be your partner for today and tomorrow !

We are the growth company in cleanroom wipers and related businesses. Come grow with us, we'll be your partner for today and tomorrow !

Being the cleanroom wipers industry's growth leader, CMF Technology creates significant benefits for all of its stakeholders.

Employees will have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally. Hiring of talented new employees will be enhanced because growth is a sought after attribute of preferred employers.

Customers will have improved value and assurance of supply globally.

Suppliers of materials and services will also directly benefit from CMF Technology's growth.

Increased volumes and new products will improve the efficiency, profits and stability of the best companies in CMF Technology's supply chain.

In combination, the broad range of growth related benefits, ultimately provides superior returns to CMF Technology's shareholders.

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